Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How many practical driving lessons do I need to take?

According to the curriculum for the class B drivers licence, issued by the Icelandic Transport Authority, the student driver is requierd to take the minimum amount of 17 practical driving lessons. Nevertheless it is not unusual that students need to take between 19-25 practical lessons as there are no two students the same. The driving instructor decides when the student driver is ready.

How much does the driving instruction cost?

Practical driving lesson (45 min.): kr. 11.000. Driving school 1: kr. 7.900 - 19.500. Driving school 2: kr. 7.900 - 13.500. Driving school 3: kr. 44.500. The issuing of the driver's licence: kr. 4.000 (provisional licence); kr. 8.000 (full licence). Exam fee for the theoretical driving test: kr. 4.000. Exam fee for the practical driving test: kr. 10.900. Use of vehicle in the practical driving test: kr. 11.000. Teaching materials: kr. 5.000 - 9.000. The student driver can anticipate that the total cost is at least 275.000 kr. If more practical lessons are needed than the minimum requirement, the total amount rises accordingly. The total amount also depends on the selection of driving shcools for the theoretical part, made by the student driver himself.

What is studying permit (is: námsheimild)?

To be able to start the driving instruction you need a studying permit from the district magistrate (is: sýslumaður). You obtain it by filling out an application form that you give to the district magistrate. When the permit has been granted you can start the driving instruction. The application form is only available in Icelandic and the driving instructor will happily help you fill it out.

What is a driving instruction book (is: ökunámsbók)?

The driving instruction book shows the process of the driving instruction from the beginning to the end. The driving instructor has to log every driving lesson and it is also necessary to register the theoretical clases (Driving school 1, 2 & 3). If you decide to have learner driving periods with a supervisor you must log them as well. The student drivers receive the driving instruction book from their driving instructor.

What is Driving school 1 & 2?

In Driving school 1 & 2 you study the theoretical part of the driving instruction. The student driver can choose between doing the lessons in a classroom or by distance learning online. It is advisable to start Driving school 1 after completing 2-4 practical driving lessons with the driving instructor and Driving school 2 about 8 weeks before the practical driving test. Driving school 1 consists of 12 lessons and Driving school 2 is 10 classes.

What is Driving school 3?

In Driving school 3 the student driver learns how to operate a vehicle in difficult road conditions. The course consists of 2 practical lessons on a track and 3 lessons in a classroom where the student driver has to carry out various exercises. The instruction takes place on the premises of Ökuksóli 3 at Álfhella in Hafnarfjörður: www.okuskoli3.is

What is learner driving (is: æfingaakstur)?

A learner driving with a supervisor is considered to be an addition to the driving instruction; it is not an obligation. To be able to start the learner driving the student driver needs to have completed at least 10 practical driving lessons with the driving instructor and also Driving school 1. The person that is selected to supervise the student driver needs to be at least 24 years of age; the holder of a valid driving licence during the past 5 years that has not been suspended in the past 12 months.

When can I sit the theoretical test?

You can sit the theoretical test up to 2 months before turning 17 years old.

What is the theoretical test like?

The theoretical test contains 30 multiple-choice questions and is divided into 2 parts. To pass the test you are not allowed to have more than 2 errors in the first part and 5 errors in the second part. You have 45 minutes to finish the test.

When can I take the practical driving test?

You can take the practical driving test up to 2 weeks before turning 17 years old.

What is the practical driving test like?

The practical driving test starts with a short oral test where the external examiner asks 5 questions concerning various factors regarding the vehicle. To pass the oral test and continue to the practical part the student driver needs to answer at least 3 of the questions correctly. In the practical part the external examiner evaluates the student driver while driving a predeterminated route.

What vehicle types am I authorized to drive on the basis of a class B drivers licence?

a) A vehicle for 8 passengers or less, in addition to the driver, with gross weight of 3.500 kg or less that can be connected to (1) a towed vehicle with gross weight of 750 kg or less (2) or towed vehicle with gross weight over 750 kg although the combined total weight of both vehicles is 3.500 kg or less. b) A motorcycle with four wheels or more. c) A motorscooter in class AM. d) A motorcycle with three wheels in classes A1, A2 or A with the restriction that those younger than 21 years are not autorized to control such motorcycles with power over 15kW. e) A tractor in class T.