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How to obtain a category B driving license - Step by step guide

Driving lessons can be started at the age of 16. The first step is selecting a driving instructor and then get in contact with him. You'll then meet and the driving instructor will clarify various practical details about the whole process of learning to drive. If the would be student has not reached 18 years of age, it's important that a parent or a guardian is present at the meeting. For example, the driving instructor will explain the driving course syllabus, the teaching material, the expenses and the terms of payment. He will also assist filling out the necessary application form.


The student takes the application form to the district magistrate's office (sýslumaður). The application form also includes a declaration of health, a declaration of permanent residence and a declaration that the applicant is not already a holder of an EU driving license or has had an EU driving license that has been suspended. With the application form it's necessary to bring a photo in passport size (35*45mm). Depending on the health declaration's answers, it's is possible that it will also be necessary to bring a doctor's certificate.

Once the district magistrate has approved the application, the practical driving lessons can start. The student needs to take at least 10 practical lesson to begin with.

The student also needs to apply for theoretical lessons in Driving school 1 (12 lessons) which are studied parallel with the practical lessons. The course is online and can be found at

When at least 10 practical driving lessons are finished and also Driving school 1, the student can apply for a practice driving permit (with a relative or a friend) at the district magistrate's office. However, sometimes it may be necessary for the student to take more than 10 practical lessons to be ready for the practice driving. The driving instructor decides when the student is ready.

During the practice driving, the student needs to apply for theoretical lessons in Driving school 2 (10 lessons). The course is online and can be found at

The student needs to apply for a practical/theoretical course in Driving school 3. To be able to participate it is mandatory to have completed Driving school 1 & 2 and and least 10 practical lessons. Driving school 3 is located at Álfhella 3 in Hafnarfjörður. Registration is made at

The student then takes the written exam (it's allowed to take it up to 2 months before turning 17 years of age). It consists of 30 multiple choice questions and is divided in two parts, A & B. To pass the exam, the total of errors can not exceed 2 in part A and 5 in part B. The duration of the exam is a maximum of 45 minutes.

The student then continues with the practical lessons with the driving instructor and is prepared for the practical exam. It's necessary to do at least 3 more practical lessons.

It's allowed to take the practical exam up to 2 weeks before turning 17 years of age. It starts with 5 oral questions concerning the vehicle and it's necessary to answer at least 3 of them correctly to proceed to the practical part. N.B.: It's required to finish the practical exam no later than 6 months after the written exam was completed. Otherwise the student will need to take the written exam again.

The student will be given a provisional drivers license after passing the practical exam. It's valid for 3 years.

To obtain a full driving license when 3 years have passed, it's necessary to meet the driving instructor again to undergo a driving evaluation. N.B.: It's allowed to undergo the driving evaluation after the first 12 months with a provisional license have passed, if the holder of the driving license has managed not to receive any penalty points on his driving record during that period.

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