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The driving instructor

Information about the driving instructor //


Certified driving instructor; no. 1921

My name is Róbert Sigurðarson and I'm a certified driving instructor after having studied the subject at the Continuing Education University of Iceland. I live and work in Keflavík (Reykjanesbær) and furthermore I offer my services in all of its neighbouring  communities and alternatively in the metropolitan area in special circumstances.

In addition to the driving instruction I work as a detective at the Suðurnes Police District. I've served continuously in the police force since 1997. The traffic is an integral part of the job and therefore I've gained a lot of experience and knowledge about traffic related matters during the years.

In addition to the above-mentioned, I'm both a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a Master of Arts degree in Translation Studies from the University of Iceland and have, among other things, undertaken interpretation and translation projects between Spanish and Icelandic. Consequently, along with Icelandic and English, I can also offer driving instruction to Hispanic residents in their native language.

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