Price list

Practical lesson (45 min.):

kr. 11.000.

Driving estimate for the issue of a full driver's licence or retrieval of driving permit:

kr. 11.000.

Use of vehicle in the practical test:

kr. 11.000.

Changing a foreign drivers licence from a non-EU country to an Icelandic drivers licence: Please contact the driving instructor for price.



Other required expenses:

Driving school 1: kr. 7.900 – 19.500.

(; Ekill; Netökuskólinn; Ökuskólinn í Mjódd).

Driving school 2: kr. 7.900 – 13.500.

(; Ekill; Netökuskólinn; Ökuskólinn í Mjódd).

Driving school 3: kr. 45.900.

Fee paid to the district magistrate (sýslumaður) for the issuing of a driver's licence:

kr. 4.000 (provisional licence);

kr. 8.000 (full licence).

Exam fee paid to Frumherji for theoretical test:

kr. 4.100.
Exam fee paid to Frumherji for practical test: kr.11.100.

Teaching materials 5.000 - 9.000 kr.


The student driver can anticipate that the total cost is at least 275.000 kr. If more practical lessons are needed than the minimum requirement, the total amount rises accordingly. The total amount also depends on the selection of driving shcools for the theoretical part, made by the student driver himself.


The driving instruction vehicle

The vehicle used in the practical lessons is a manual Ford Mondeo, model year 2019. It has a spacious interior and it's excellent roadholding makes it ideal for driving instruction. The 150 HP 2.0TDCi engine is low in CO2 emissions due to Ford's new technology.


The Ford Mondeo is a very safe vehicle and is loaded with safety equipment. It received top marks in the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) crash tests.